We provide transportation services for safe movement of cargo pan India.

Dump site management

We have huge warehouse capacity and sufficient manpower for small, medium and large scale projects, especially coated and bare steel pipes (various dimensions), machinery supply, material handling and inventory management with total supervision.


RNR provide have variety of warehouse options as per client requirements. Warehousing is the storing of physical goods before they are sold. Our warehouses safely and securely store products in an organised way to track where items are located, when they arrived, how long they have been there, and the quantity on hand.

Unlike warehouses that are strictly storage facilities,we handle warehousing as well as picks, packs, and ships the orders to customers.

Vehicle hiring

We have all type of vehicles from small to heavy vehicles available on monthly and yearly basis to hire.


Complete consultant services from application, activation, duty drawbacks, standard operational procedures, supply chain implementation and management, warehouse management, logistical plan and supervision with high level customer service

All type of management

Pipeline licensing work

We follow a smooth and effective workflow. We take care of license previously exempt pipelines, existing flowlines, and new flowlines.

Restoration work

We undertake restoration works post and pre project with utmost care. Our goal is to restore the pipeline right-of-way to as close to pre-construction condition as possible, and minimise our long-term impact to the land along our pipelines.